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Our services


  • Extensive experience in exploitation of various equipment produced by leading foreign companies, launching of mass production of tens of insulator types on numerous plants in several countries.
    Recommendations on selection of technological equipment for modern lines for production of suspension and rod insulators made of tempered and annealed glass.

  • Improvement of assembly process and introduction of new technological processes, devices, and instruments.

  • Development and introduction of improved insulator glass formula that may use local natural resources, development and approval of technical conditions.

  • Improvement of quality control technology of glass parts tempering and introduction of non-standard means of control.

  • Various consulting services in costs optimization and quality improvement to operating enterprises.

  • Consulting services aimed to optimize the glass insulator-manufacturing enterprise’s structure and services in cutting non-productive expenses and increasing the economical effectiveness.


  • Modernization of construction of glass insulator parts made of tempered glass. This increases the leakage path length, improves technology, and increases the molten glass usage coefficient, therefore improving the product’s competitive ability.

  • Development, manufacture, and introduction of non-standard equipment for mass production of glass high-voltage insulators.

  • Development, manufacture, and introduction of diagnostic and control equipment for use on glass high-voltage insulators production lines.


  • An accredited laboratory conducts trials of high-voltage insulators and fastening elements for power transmission lines in volumes, which are required for acceptance tests, in accordance with scientific-technological documentation, including GOST 6490 and IEC 60383-1. It also provides standardized testing in accordance with mandated programs for manufacturing enterprises and various consumers.

  • Incoming inspection of insulator and fastening parts – caps, rods, fasteners, glass parts etc. – on certified equipment in accordance with mandated programs.

  • Conduction of non-standard, experimental and marginal test of insulators and high-voltage equipment for mechanical strength, thermal shock, thermocycles, locking effort, eccentricity, and others in accordance with additionally approved programs.


  • Assembly of glass high-voltage insulators in small batches, including PS70 (U70B), PS120 (U120B), PS160 (U160B), PS210 (U210B), PS300 (U300B) by customer’s request.

  • Production of insulators for use in polluted environments: PSD70, PSV120 (U120BP), PSV160 (U160BP), PCSV210 (U210BP).

  • Custom production of special insulators in aerodynamic or spherical shapes. Insulators are assembled from glass details provided by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers with obligatory 100 per cent incoming inspection before assembly. Equipment which is used for production meets all requirements of production procedures. The output product undergoes admission tests in a laboratory for compliance with domestic scientific-technological documentation and IEC 60383-1.

  • Production of glass high-voltage insulators with silicon coating which improves hydrophobic capability and extends operating time in areas with increased pollution levels. Thickness of the coating is not less than 200 micrometers. Duration of hydrophobic effect is not less than 7 years. The technology allows insulator recoating. We offer silicon coating of insulators of any standard or special type by customer’s request.

  • Modern technology of assembly using high-strength high-alumina cement

About Us

Our manufacturing firm, the limited liability company “ZIF”, has been formed in July 2009. The plant is situated in Rivne region, Ukraine, not far from the ancient city of Dubno, which is well known after the famous novel "Taras Bul’ba" by M. Gogol’.
Initiators, founders, and employees are internationally known Ukrainian specialists in insulator production with long experience in this branch.
Tens of millions of insulators manufactured with the aid of our specialists are exploited in more than 50 countries all over the world.
We offer beneficial collaboration, will maintain a dealer network, and always provide our partners with reliable wares with high engineering factors.

Yours faithfully, Bohuslav Hordiyevych, Director


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    ZIF LTD, Vatutina str. 1a, Zdovbytsya village, Rivne region,35652 UKRAINE
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    26002301959195 Oschadbank, Rivne. МFO 333368

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